What is Alone Time?

This. This image right here is the reason I have trust issues (hah, only somewhat kidding). I’m a food photographer and recipe developer. Imagine doing this with a little one… it’s hard. Doing anything with a little one is hard. Shout out to all you mama’s and nannies who can handle more than one kid at a time and still manage to stay sane. No matter what I eat, this little man of mine thinks it belongs to him. Even these Moringa Oats, which were delicious by the way. The handful he got and shoved down his snackhole were apparently really great, too because he went back for a second handful. When babies start to understand food it’s like a whole new ball game and I’m over here trying to keep up. BUT in order to keep up, I need some time to myself. Time to process my life and maybe even take a shower. It’s amazing how many things you can think of in the span of your five minute shower, while drinking your shower coffee (aka the new shower beer).

Alone time is important, whether it’s five minutes, 30 minutes, one hour… however much time you need to tap out and do you is great.

What are some things you do to get alone time?


With love,


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